Saturday, October 25, 2008

Smashing Pumpkins

I love the Fall. The changing colors, the cool weather, the pumpkin picking. Brian and I took the kids to a farm this past weekend out in the middle of nowhere called Connor's A-maizing Acres. Oh, those crazy farmers and their play on words.

For the most part Bodhi slept, but Maddox enjoyed himself pretty well. He terrorized the ducks and the goats. I got in a good laugh when he rode the Moo Cow tractor with Daddy. It was a bunch of oil barrels cut open and painted to resemble cows and then pulled behind a tractor. Yee ha! The kids loved it but the Daddies had to bend into these things like Gumbi. I saw many men limping away from the moo train. Funny thing about the moo train ride at that place- they only want you to ride once. You try telling that to a two year old. Yeah, first of all you have to get off the moo train and then after the tantrum that ensues following that conversation you get to tell the kids they don't get to ride the damn moo train again. Bastards. I will pay extra to ride that frikkin uncomfortable thing again! And not because I love the smell of diesel tractor exhaust either. But because otherwise your ducks arent going to have a feather left. Its your choice people!

So we terrorized the animals, rode the train, and abused as many pumpkins that we could. By the end of the day Maddox was super tired. On the way out they had an area set up to sell the pumpkins and a photo op. Ours was the kid chucking the mini pumpkins, throwing himself in the dirt and screaming for the family photo op. Good times, good times.

Don't get me wrong- I was trying to stop him from damaging the farm property, but that is not going to prevent me from taking pictures of the meltdown as it happens. Hey, I took pics of the happy times, I should be able to record the freak out too. Yes, we were those irresponsible parents snapping photos of our kid as he writhed around on the ground and laughing as he had to be carried away from the farm like a sack of potatoes. Hey, we were tired too! And what are you going to do other than laugh at that point?