Sunday, October 12, 2008

That is one big snake!

My husband is not one to be skittish but the snake he found in our yard a few weeks ago shook him up. He stumbled upon the 3 footer curled up in our flower bed early one evening and came and got me to have a look at the monster. I decided right away that it had to die. Now I am normally not a violent person, especially where animals are concerned, but after looking on the internet at pictures of water mocassins it was just too similar for my liking. There was a good chance that this indeed was a seriously posinous snake and my mind was made up.

Brian and I were on a mission. Like two lil' assassins we made for our weapons of choice. For Brian a flat blade on a long stick that is normally used to take up carpet. For me a shovel. We were ready for battle. Needless to say Maddox thought this was all very exciting. From the safe side of our fence Brian threw his blade thing like a javalin and struck that snake in the midsection. What deadly acquarcy- I was so proud. Well, boy was that snake angry! It started to slither away and lucky for us it was injured and wasnt getting far. Like an idiot I scream "its getting away!" and ran out past the safety of the fence and towards the retreating reptile. Turns out water moccasins are very aggressive. Who knew? So that snake sensing I was after him turned on me and started coming back in my direction. That is when he met with my shovel.

All the while Brian is calling me back from his place behind the fence. He wisely was not venturing out toward the snake. Adrenalin had taken its hold on me and to my frenzied mind it was that snake or my babies. Once the monster had stopped being able to slide away Brian joined me in my furious attempt to beat that snake into oblivion. Oh, the nightmares that followed after the adrenalline had gone. I can't believe how powerful my maternal killer instinct was. Hoo-yah! Just call me G.I. Jane Snake Killer. You don't mess with my babies backyard!