Friday, October 17, 2008

Chip anyone?

It is the end of another long but wonderful day. Brian and I took the kids to St Augustine, where we proceeded to wear them out with lots of walking and plenty of fresh air. As a result we had some crazy and over tired kids on our hands. After much rocking with Bodhi on my part and many stories and cups of water with Maddie on Brian's part we finally have them down to bed. And I have come to the realization that there is no limit to the lengths Brian and I will go to keep from waking these kids up once they are down. I don't know about anyone else but my kids, when overtired, can hear a sharp noise from a mile off. Thus Bathroom Potato Chips were born.

This term came to me as I was lying in bed reading a book this evening after putting those tired little buggers down. Brian entered our bedroom carrying a bag of salt and vinegar Lays potato chips. He crossed to the far side of our room and made to open the bag.
"What are you doing? You had better take those into the bathroom!" I said in all seriousness.
Brian didn't blink an eye but proceeded into our master bath and closed the door where the muffled sounds of the cellophane bag could be heard.

He emerged victorious munching on his chips. We stared at each other and broke out laughing. We are both so tired. Tired enough that we have become so paranoid about waking those kids up we won't even risk opening a bag of chips anywhere near their rooms. Yup, Bathroom Potato Chips. That man crossed the entire house and into our room to open his chips and preserve the bedtime quiet. And if that weren't enough I forced him into the bathroom just in case one of the kids has bionic hearing. But hey they didn't wake up did they. And lets be honest shall we? A nighttime snack just tastes better when there isn't a kid crying all over it, you know?