Friday, October 10, 2008

What? You've never seen a kid have an apoplectic fit?

You know what drives me insane? When your little animal, otherwise known as a toddler, is having a massive fit in public and people are staring at you like you have three heads. Don't misunderstand, I get it, I am the train wreck, the car accident. There are going to be rubberneckers. But its the people who look at you like there is something more you can do to control your child from flailing around and slamming his head into things. Well- short from DCF coming and picking me up for going medieval on my kid there really isn't. I have to stay calm, wait the kid out, and struggle to restrain him from really hurting himself. Believe me, I like his behavior even less than you do. And I am the one having to wrestle with him in the waiting room, grocery store, post office...well you get the idea. If I had any power to stop him from biting himself and then screaming at the top of his lungs I would.
All I am saying is the next time you see some poor woman with a crazy little animal having a fit and she catches you rubber-necking make sure you give her your most sympathetic grin. You might even want to tell her you have your own crazy little animal at home. Better yet- just pretend that her kid isn't having the fit and that she and the rabid lil' beast are invisible, believe me, she wishes she were.