Monday, October 6, 2008

We have ignition...

Oh Lord...Maddox has discovered he has a peepee. We are potty training and while he has taken to it like a fish to water some things have "come up" that I was not prepared for. It went like this-
I was nursing the baby, minding my own business, when Maddie comes out of the bathroom without his pants on.
The sweet little angel looked at me and said, "Mama my pants got wet." It happens, I mean it is hard to make sure you get it in the bowl sometimes.
Well, I was nursing so I couldn't do anything about it at that moment so I told him just to hang out until I could get him a new pair. Mad plopped his naked bottom down beside me on the couch and proceeded to grab his peepee and as it disappeared into itself he screams "Mama where did my peepee go?!!"
I said, "It's okay babe it is still in there somewhere," need I say I was feeling more than a little uncomfortable. I am thinking Bodhi Mae needs to hurry up and eat so I can put some pants on this boy.
Well the relief that washed over his face was priceless. But then the real funny happened, since he was pulling on the peepee he had done the inevitable...we had ignition. The best part was that he was so proud. "Mama, look what my peepee can do! Do you want to touch it?"
"Ummm, no I don't want to touch it. That is great babe, but ummm, if you want to touch it you need to go to your room. We don't touch our peepee in front of people."
Oh God, I am disturbed. This is what raising boys is... so proud of their peepee's.
I related this story to Brian's mother who tells me that Brian did the same thing- even going as far as to go up to family members and proudly announce what his could do while giving them an eyeful. Guess some boys never grow up.