Monday, March 29, 2010

I HEART you coffee

I am addicted to coffee. Ever since I became a mommy, the addiction has grown. I brew half a pot everyday for myself and lament its loss...even after the hot morning coffee is long gone and I have turned the remainder into an refreshing afternoon icy coffee. Mmmmm. For me thats a lot of coffee, I have been trying to maintain the half a pot rule. If not just for the amount of coffee grounds that is, or the calories in the darn creamer, but for the headache that will ensue should I be forced to go a day without coffee. Woe betide those children should mommy not get her coffee, or at least some form of caffeine. Because I was feeling so very addicted to my caffeine I wrote this little diddy..

I love you coffee
Cause crack's illegal
And will make you crazy
Rot your teeth
Pick your face

Umm, is the fact that I am in withdrawal blatantly obvious...just a little? Damn, I thought so.