Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boom chicka boom...

Brian recently brought home the Angelina Jolie movie Wanted.  There she is on the cover holding a giant golden gun and looking decidedly anorexic, but still hot-hate her.  Well, Maddie found the DVD sitting on the coffee table and came running to Brian and I waving  it around.
"Mama! I wanna watch this, Mama!"  He said staring at the cover with a gleam in his eye.  
I looked at Brian incredulous.  Strange the kid would find this DVD enticing.  But lately he has been interested in all things army.  Soldiers, guns, or boom booms as he likes to call them.
"Honey," I said, "this is a movie for grown people.  Its not for little kids."
"No Mama, I wanna watch this.  She's got boom booms!"
Brian just about fell out.  But containing his laughter found himself able to agree with the boy,
"Yes, son.  Yes she does!" 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Funny Girl

I haven't written much about Bodhi, but then again there hasn't been much to tell.  Up until recently she has been kinda like really expensive luggage.  You pay through the nose for it, it is beautiful, you take it with you every where, but other than looking pretty it doesn't do much.  Bo is about to be 5 months on the 16th and she is coming into her little personality quite nicely nowadays.  So now I think that it is time to document her ins and outs....

Bodhi is a very serious little thing.  While she does smile and giggle and coo she is always taking in and assessing the situation.  She is a watcher, our little professeressa

 She does not like to be tickled.  You might get one laugh out of it and then she will start to cry. But make a funny face and talk in a goofy voice and she is in hysterics.  She also likes to be jiggled and bounced.  

Bodhi loves toys! And absolutely every one goes into her mouth.  She loves giving and getting kisses, although hers are decidedly wet and open mouthed.  

She loves to snuggle, but on her terms.  She wants to be held the way she wants to be held and you best figure it out quick.  Once you find the magic position, usually up on your shoulder, she will stay there forever.  

While she could snuggle forever she is also perfectly content to hang in her bouncy seat to watch and play by herself.  She really digs her play mat as well, and the elephant hanging from it often sends her into peals of laughter.  She can roll from her back to her tummy, but she doesn't like to do it.  She hates being on her stomach!  Once there she will put her face into the playmate and scream until someone comes and gets her.  Needless to say there is not a lot of tummy time.  She cries so infrequently that we can't stand to her our little mei mei screaming.

She absolutely loves her Daddy.  Her face lights up at the sight of him.  When he holds her to his chest she will nuzzle her head into his face hard.

She is finally taking a bottle and is a little piggy!  She is 15lbs and has folds and dimples simply everywhere.  Her little cheeks are fit to burst.  And while she finds nursing too much work now that she has the bottle she still wants to in order to comfort herself when she gets sleepy or overtired.  

So that is our little Bodhi Mae in a nutshell.  She is sweet as can be, quiet most times, but does like to sing and jabber at home.  We cannot wait for everyone to meet her!