Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boom chicka boom...

Brian recently brought home the Angelina Jolie movie Wanted.  There she is on the cover holding a giant golden gun and looking decidedly anorexic, but still hot-hate her.  Well, Maddie found the DVD sitting on the coffee table and came running to Brian and I waving  it around.
"Mama! I wanna watch this, Mama!"  He said staring at the cover with a gleam in his eye.  
I looked at Brian incredulous.  Strange the kid would find this DVD enticing.  But lately he has been interested in all things army.  Soldiers, guns, or boom booms as he likes to call them.
"Honey," I said, "this is a movie for grown people.  Its not for little kids."
"No Mama, I wanna watch this.  She's got boom booms!"
Brian just about fell out.  But containing his laughter found himself able to agree with the boy,
"Yes, son.  Yes she does!"