Thursday, October 16, 2008


I am probably the world's biggest worry wort- call it kid hypochondria if you will. I worry about it all, my husband likes to us the word obsess. One of my biggest worries is if Maddox is getting along socially with other children his age. He certainly has some first child weirdness going on to be sure and that is to be expected right? Having never raised a child I am fully aware that I am going to mess him up somehow. It is how badly I am going to screw with the kid that worries me most. Case in point- a while ago I took Maddox to a place called Pump it Up and released the freak in him for all to see...

Pump it Up is every child's dream come true. A giant warehouse of bouncey castles, bouncey slides, giant balls and bouncey mazes. For $7 a kid gets hours of bouncing fun. Well, that is to say your kid. Not my kid. My kid enters bounce town heaven only to find that there are other children there. The nerve.

Maddox climbs excitedly into the first bounce castle he comes to only to find that sometimes while bouncing with other kids they will bump into you. It is all too much for my freaky lil monkey. If a child so much as brushes against him we have full melt down. Maddox will go with his usual proceedure... there is the full on screaming right in the kid's face. "Ahhhhhhh!" Ah, it is so high pitched. His tongue is sticking out of his head and his face is turning purple. Moms all around the room are now turning to see who is having the meltdown. And they are just in time to see Maddie throw himself face down on the bouncey castle without even trying to break his fall. Oh, the crying that ensues....Now it is time for me to scramble into the bouncey house and wrestle my rigid flailing child out and down the slide so he doesnt hurt the other bouncing kids. You try to do this and keep your dignity- ha!

Note to self: NEVER wear a dress to Pump it Up again. That is if they will let us in again. Hmmmm, I wonder.

So as I send Maddox off to preschool this morning I try to bury my kiddo-chondria and hope that his weirdness to due to a close proximity to me. His teachers have never said anything...please just let it be a weirdness reserved to drive me to madness....