Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't pee into the wind...

My son just peed in his own face! You heard it right. He has lately become very interested in how the peepee comes out of there. In the process of looking down and pointing up the inevitable happened. This is getting interesting.
Yesterday, while at my doctors office, he insisted on standing up to pee. I was holding Bodhi in my arms and trying to point Mad in the right direction and all hell broke loose. The boy peed on the wall, on the tank, you name he peed on it. All in my doctors private restroom. That will teach her to let a patient with a toddler use her office facilities, huh? What is most concerning is that he thinks this hilarious. I was sweating, balancing a three month old in one arm, trying to stop a laughing and pantless boy from opening the door and escaping. All the while attempting to clean pee off of my OBGYN's shabby chic bathroom wall. Okay, so in hindsight it might be a wee bit funny. Oh- lil mommy humor there.
But the fun didn't stop there. I took him to the park where he proceeded to drop trowel in the grass in front of some horrified Lily Pulitizer wearing, Vera Bradely toting moms. You know the type. They dress up to go to the park to for a playdate? Needless to say I was the mom in the faded jeans and flip flops whose kid was peeing on the grass in front of the jungle gym. Uh, it is doubtful that we will be going back there anytime soon.
Long story short- we are going to need Daddy to step in here...cause Mama don't know how to deal with the standing up to pee!