Tuesday, October 7, 2008

All about poop.

Strangely enough my little section called "Things I never thought I would say..." has thus far been all about poop. And I guess that is understandable with a potty training kid. But I feel a need to elaborate on the latest phrase.
Pooping in the backyard. Yup, ever since we started potty training Maddox he has been trying to poo like Lucy (our Jack Russell Terrier) and I tell him that boys dont poop in the yard. Well, leave him alone with his daddy out in the yard and lo and behold that boy is dropping trowel and the deed is done. Brian was running around like a crazy person chasing the boy to try and wipe his bottom and make sure that he didnt get outside the back gate that evidently he forgot to pick up the poo! Yes, I came upon human poopoo in my backyard. That same Lucy was being a little too interested in said poo and it came to my attention that this poo was not doggy poo. Hence another phrase that came out of my mouth that I never would have imagined saying in a million years on Brian's cell phone...."Honey, did you leave human feces in the backyard? Call me back please." Oh my God. Ha, hahaahahahaha. This is my crazy life.