Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A new one act play...

Coming to a theater near you-  the all new one act play "Balls" starring that titans of tantrums - Maddox and that Zany Lady of Zoloft- Mama! 

As we open our scene Mama is getting undressed to enter the shower, she is careful not to make eye contact with the forces of evil known as "mirrors" while naked.  

Enter Maddox:  "Mama, is that your pee pee?"

Mama:  "Yes, Maddie, that is my pee pee,"

Maddox:  "Mama, where are your balls?"

Mama:  "I don't have balls, Mad.  Girls don't have balls."

Maddox: "Oh.... we need to buy you some at the store,"

Mama:  "Sorry, buddy, they don't sell those kind of balls at the store,"

Maddox:  "Why not?"

Mama:  "Ummmm.....oh, hey, do you want to play with my eye lash curler?"

Maddox- face gleeful at the thought of playing with previously forbidden makeup 
item immediately forgets the previous conversation:  "YEAH!"

Mama makes a mad dash for the shower as Maddox exits clutching his prize.

The End.