Tuesday, March 3, 2009


As much as my son and I butt heads and I think that I cannot wait for him to emerge from this difficult stage that is the terrible 2's...ummm, okay 3's....I also want him to stay a baby so very badly.  Just when I think that I cant take another tantrum, another fight over, well, everything, he looks at me with his big brown eyes, hugs me and says,
"Mama, you're my best friend,"
Seriously?  Don't ever grow up.  Don't grow up and forget that you loved to play dance party with Mama.  Don't forget that you used to call me "Mama" and not Mom (said in some exasperated tone).  Don't forget that you used to think all my jokes and funny faces were hilarious and not embarrassing.  Please don't forget that all you wanted in the world was for me to lay in your bed next to you until you fell asleep.  Don't forget that Mama could fix anything and everything with a kiss and a hug...don't stop wanting those kisses and hugs, don't stop wanting to hold my hand or sit on my lap.
Next time I am taking the boy to get his hair cut somebody please remind me how quickly my little man will grow up and soon I wont be his BFF anymore.  
Sniff....Okay, I am off to watch my best friend sleep, listen to him breathe and pray that for just a little bit longer he will think of Mama as his "Best Friend".