Monday, June 1, 2009

Me do it!

It has happened.  My baby is shedding his baby traits.  Everything right now is "me do it."  
He wants to brush his own teeth, put on his own clothes, wipe his own bottom (yeah, um, how do I get it across to him that Mommy needs to help or we will have a visit from Mr. Itchy Scratchy Bottom all day long?).
The upside is that now he wants to help me around the house.  He loves to vacuum and help put the laundry in the machines.  Of course now I cant vacuum without him chasing after me screaming "ME DO IT!" at the top of his lungs.  
How did this happen?  How did he go from Mama does everything to Mr. Itchy Bottomed Me Do It?  My husband says that I need to let Maddie have more freedom and let him do more things on his own.  But it is so hard to simply stop doing for the boy when in the past three years it has become automatic to take care of all things Maddox.  Now I am just supposed to stop or know when to let him do it on his own.  Ahhhh, cutting the proverbial cord is hard!