Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Its raining its pouring!

How long was the Donner party trapped in those mountains before they went crazy, starved and ate each other?  Ok, I know it was the mountains, they didn't really go crazy and to their credit they waited for those people to die and freeze before they ate them.  I only ask the question because it has been raining here for 10 days.  10 days.  Stuck inside with The Children.  I think capitalizing it makes it seem more ominous, don't you.  You, know, like...The People Under the Stairs or The Thing.  See I have gone completely wacky!  These kids wont leave me alone, we are so bored all we can do it pick on each other.
The good thing about being stuck inside so much is that you start to notice little things about each other you never noticed before.  You get to know the little idiosyncrasies, the little personal patterns and rituals, the small intimacies that make you feel you know them better than anyone.  Things only a mommy would notice.  Like the way Maddox insists on any lingering tooth paste left in the bowl has to be rinsed out before he can rinse his mouth out.  Or that he has lately developed a thick southern accent...but that is for another time. 
Since I have a lot of time on my hands trapped in this house during the down pour I affectionately call The Apocalypse I got to thinking.  Enjoying the kids little idiosyncrasies was what my husband and I used to do with each other.  We were it and that is how we bonded.  Each other was all we had to focus on.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my job and my husband enjoys his, but our relationship has always come first. Before babies we used to sit around and talk all day long about each other, what we thought, what we dreamed and make fun of each others little quirks.  Now I find myself looking at him and discovering something and asking "when did that start"?  Since when have you been parting your hair like that?  Since when do you wear cuff links?  You used to hate cuff links.  
Its stupid I know, but it bothers me.  That I know Maddox likes to put his pants on right leg first but I didn't realize that my husband had finally welcomed the French Cuff into his fashion repertoire.  Date night seems more important now than ever.  I still know my husband better than anyone does but boy is it a lot of work to make sure that other things don't start to escape notice.  Marriage is hard work, anyone who says different is lying or probably doesn't have kids.

It has since stopped raining and I was able to peel the cabin bound children off me long enough to post this.  I missed you computer! Entertaining the Donner party for 10 days was exhausting.  I am never moving to Seattle or Forks.