Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Second Child Syndrome

We have all gotten that email.  The one where they show the difference with one and then two kids and then three.  With the first one you sanitize the pacifier in boiling water first and with the second kid you run it under cold water, etc.  
I had so many, should we say, lil ideas about how I was going to raise my newborn.  He wasn't going to watch more than a half a hour of TV a day, would only play with wooden toys, eat only nutritious and healthy food (have I made you gag yet?), the kids would never eat in my car...oh the list goes on and on.
That email sure was right and I bow down before its truthfulness as I feed my 11 month old a mini Hershey's Chocolate bar while she and her brother start on some more Sponge Bob while playing with obnoxious electronic toys...did I mention my car is covered in puffs, Cheerios and Popsicle juice?