Monday, January 26, 2009

Six Random Things

So my friend M.  tagged me in her blog, named six random things about herself and I am supposed to do the same.  Hmmmm, you wouldn't think that this would be so difficult.  Okay, here it goes Six Random Things about the Mommy....

1.  I still sleep with my baby blankie.  Yup, you heard it right, I never gave it up.  My husband and son have learned to accept it and know not to touch it.  I snuggle under it every night.  The flannel side has to be facing me and blankie must be tucked under my chin before I can sleep.  I don't travel with my blankie for fear of it getting lost or stolen.  That's right people...the maids at hotels are always on the make to steal a 30 year old ratty blanket.

2.  I am a plan-faker.  Let me define that for you.  I love to make plans!  I make all kinds of plans to go out.  It could be dinner, shopping, drinks, a name it and I am game.  Well, right up until the hours before hand and then it is all down hill.  I would rather stay home... I could be using the evening to clean the baseboards, or to organize my collection of BH&G magazines.I start thinking of anyway of getting out of going.  Don't get me wrong, I always end up going and having a great time.  I just have to go through the motions first.

3.  My New Year resolution is to have an clean kitchen sink.  Since I hate doing dishes there is constantly a pile of them in the sink and that is just gross.  Not to mention unsanitary.  Oh, crap I just broke my resolution....there are dishes in there now!

4.  I think life would be much better if it was a musical.  There it is....I am a closet singer.  At home, in the car, the shower, while making dinner.  My poor husband has learned to turn a deaf ear.  Maddox however would like me "stop singing Mama"!  Bodhi Mae likes it though and will go all giggly when I break into "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera.  Maddie just smiles when while brushing his teeth I sing to them.  I sing all day long, most of it off key.

5.  I have weird allergies to all sorts of things...latex, penicillin, codeine, beer, milk, Jamaica, sodium lauryl sulfate- which is in everything from toothpaste to face soap and shampoo  (I do use toothpaste- but it has to be low foaming and stupidly expensive because of it, otherwise my lips and gums threaten to fall off).

6.  I hate surprises.  I can't stand not to know.  Anticipation is the worst, whether it is something fun or daunting.  Anticipation makes me sick to my stomach regardless of what I am waiting for.  Wait- maybe I am just impatient???  Crap! Okay so instead of clean dishes maybe I need to learn to be more patient.....