Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Stinky Eye gave him the Pinky Eye

It has finally happened.  I have been saying it was gonna happen for months now.  Mr.  Can't Keep His Hands Out Of His Pants has given himself PINK EYE!  Is there a dirtier child anywhere?  No, I don't believe so. Joy of joys, the poor boy cant go to school or see his little friend Evan- which is like water to the monsta.  Should make for an interesting week.
On a side note.  I am currently unsure if he has transmitted the dreaded gooey eyeball to me or if I am having a psycho-somatic response and that is why my eyes are itching. Just wait until he gets a load of the burning eye drops that I will be picking up from the pharmacy later.  Perchance this will get him to keep his hands from constantly fondling his junk?  Huh, long shot there.  It is going to take two parents to hold Mr. Thrashy Pants down for the eyedrops of doom.
One question.  Why is it always my kid?