Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its been a hell of a day at sea sir!

It was one of those days.  Maddox has a sinus infection.  It is on the mend with antibiotics and he is better each day but still having some crankiness.  So on Friday, the day of his class Valentines Day party, it was a struggle to get him dressed and into the mindset of leaving the house.  After a couple of fits he and Daddy were off to school toting a box of heart shaped cookies and some Mickey Mouse valentines for his fellow students.  Unfortunately his day didn't pan out so well.  It went something like this...
Once at school Maddox fell on the playground and scraped his face incurring a large bump on his forehead.
If that weren't enough he proceeded to stuff a Cheerio up his nose.  It took his teacher quite some time to coax it out again.  
By the time Mommy came to pick him up he had reached his thresh hold and was OVER it all.  Several fits later he was home and out for the count.  
Nana came over to sit for him while Mommy and Daddy did date night (Yippeee!) and Maddox proceeded to lock himself and Nana in his room....for 2 hours.  Luckily Bodhi Mae was already down for the night and didn't wake up.  Mommy will take full responsibility for this one.  It was me who turned the lock around because I got tired of him locking himself in his room.  Yeahhhh, well now he locks other people in there.  
Turned out that Nana and he had gone in there to get ready for bed and my little man didn't quite feel like it so he turns, slit eyed and evil grinned, to his Nana and before she can shout "No!" he locks the door and slams it shut.  Poor Nana.  Locked in the room with the "monsta" and no way out.  Maddox evidently started to freak out after he told Nana not to worry about the locked door, "it's okay Nana, just open the door."  
"What?  Are you crazy?  You just locked us in here.  I can't open the door.  No, don't cry Maddie!  No, don't have any water.  Please stop screaming!  You are going to wake your sister!"
Like I said, two hours later and that poor woman has broken two hangers trying to jimmy the door and is contemplating peeing in the trash can.  She had to wait till Maddox had passed out to attempt her escape as everytime she tried Mad would push her out of the way, plastic screw driver in hand, claiming to be able to do a better job.  Why do I have a feeling of foreshadowing.....someday some woman is going to blame me for this behavior.  Ha! I have proof he was born this way Missy!
Well, just before Brian and I pulled into the drive she escaped.  It had been one stinker of a day.  I am wondering if she is going to come back???