Monday, November 21, 2011

Mmmm, breakfast

Around once a week the kids will want a hot dog for breakfast. Its a tad strange to me, but then I like strange things for breakfast too.

For instance I'll eat a bean burrito in the AM. But when the kids ask I stand there stupidly blinking in a wash of momentary guilt.
It is then that I rationalize...

Sausage is breakfast meat.
Hot dogs look like sausage.
If sausage is a breakfast meat and hot dogs look like a sausage...
Then it stands to reason that feeding my children hot dogs at 6am is just fine and dandy.

That's right, I turn it into a SAT question and thus I can live with myself.
This is the most important meal of the day and it is hot dog and V8 juice...

Dont judge me. That is a full serving of fruit and veggies for a boy who has no interest in eating other than a means by which to stay alive... that baby wouldn't feed himself until he was almost 2. Bo is just an all around eater or rather a taster...she relishes food and has a much wider palate.

But the smell of hot dogs in the morning...gag.