Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Saving Private Maddox

Nose picking...private. Bum scratching...private. Burping, farting (or passing gas- for those more genteel ears)...again, private. Now that the boy understands what our private parts are it is time he and I discuss the where and the why of private part manners. So far I will admit my success has been a wee bit pathetic. Ball scratching is real popular with this young one and since he and I quote - "likes doing it" (picture: big poo eating grin as he says this) he doesn't seem why it should bother anyone else. The logic is hard to deny. Now if I can just make him understand that standing behind a house plant and picking your nose does not constitute privacy if you are still in full view of the entire room. But hey, you cant knock what little progress you got, right?